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"The Meteorologist In Me is a perfect blend of  knowledge and inspiration. Brittney leverages her talents, time and treasure to share a message to children  to dream big and never give up. This is a powerful narrative to expose our students to beginning at an early age as we prepare them for college, career and life. In the words of a first grader, 'That was the best assembly ever, I can do and be anything just like Summer (the protagonist) and Ms. Shipp.' I wholeheartedly concur. " 

Grozelia Ward


"Every child deserves to see

themselves in their literature.  I want to

make sure there is a book showcasing diverse main characters.

It's important to send the message to everyone- all careers, including meteorology and TV broadcasting are attainable options."



-Brittney Shipp

Author, The Meteorologist In Me

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